“F” the Form and Get to the Horn – How to Overcome Perfectionism

“F” the Form and Get to the Horn.” This bull riding saying was the perfect title for this show. This session provides some tips on how to overcome perfectionism.

This episode does not have a guest. I ventured off the reservation and went way out of my comfort zone to demonstrate, on the court, how to take action in face of fear and perfectionism. Every fiber of my being wanted to edit the S#@T out of the program but I wanted to see what would happen if I resisted the natural urge to “get it right” or to “do it perfect.”

TheĀ  show presented the ideal opportunity to talk about perfectionism and its impact. If you feel you get stopped by fear, anxiety, resistance, overwhelm, procrastination, and if you have to have everything perfect before taking action, this program can help.

I discuss what helps me when I feel stopped by perfectionism and some of the tools I use to overcome it.

By Jim Holzknecht