Composing Your Life’s Soundtrack with Voice Over Artist Lainie Frasier

Whether you want to be a voice over (VO) actor or you want to communicate more effectively, professional voice over actor Lainie Frasier of Voice Works, has tremendous tips, and insights to improve the power, playfulness and quality of your voice.

If your life is a movie then, according to Roger Love of Vocal Power, your voice is your soundtrack. What kind of soundtrack are you composing for your life’s feature film? Is your voice conveying the message you intend? Do you have fun with your voice? One of the best ways to foster more fun, play, joy, inspiration and passion in your life is to be playful with your voice.

Lainie provides many tips, tools, techniques on how to improve the vocal dynamics, quality and power of your voice such as tone, pitch, cadence, volume, placement, intonation, and so on.

This podcast provides tips, tools, techniques and insights on how to:

  • Have fun and be more playful and engaging with your voice
  • Improve the quality and power of your voice
  • Become a voice over artist
  • Improve your creativity
  • Foster inspiration and passion through your voice
  • Enhance your improvisational acting (improv) skills
  • Use your voice as a tool to align with your mission, vision, values and purpose

Lainie is a professional voice over artist, teacher and coach. She has helped hundreds of people launch a voice over career, find their voice, improve their communication ability and be more playful in life.  She shares her decades of experience in this podcast. This episode is not one to be missed.

By Jim Holzknecht